SXSW Review: Baby Driver


       I still think Hot Fuzz is Edgar Wright’s funniest film; but Baby Driver is his greatest accomplishment as a filmmaker. Wright goes reaches a whole new plateau with Baby Driver, in editing and directing. He even surpasses in his use of music on film.


Baby Driver is about a kid name Baby and he is the best getaway driver in Atlanta. He can disappear from the sight of cops in a blink of an eye. Baby works for a man named Doc (Kevin Spacey) a crime boss baby owes a debt he must repay by doing jobs for him. Baby wants to pay his debt to get out of this life of crime. He has one more job to do and he can go on the road with his girlfriend.


Baby suffers from tinnitus brought about an accident in his childhood. He listens to music to drown out the noise. He also can read lips; which he learn from his blind foster father who is a deaf/mute. Baby also has a playlist setup whenever he is in a heist. This gives the film a great soundtrack which use effectively to show the mood of Baby. It makes the film also feel like a musical; where none of the characters sing. The soundtrack is so masterfully done that even gunshots in a shootout are match with the songs. I was amazed, I never seen a film use music this way before.

The supporting cast are also amazing. Kevin Spacey as Doc, he is a great manipulative and intelligent criminal mastermind that seems to have connection with every criminal in Atlanta. He plans the heist in which he rotates the people in the teams; with the exception of Baby.

Other crew members are Buddy (John Hamm) and Darling (Eiza Gonzales), a criminal married couple that are mad for each other.  Buddy is one of the few criminals that shares Baby’s passion for music. He is cool under pressure and a total professional. After Baby I found Buddy the most complex character in this film; he will surprised you. His Girlfriend is a beautiful and tough woman deeply in love with her man.

Then there is Bats (Jamie Foxx) the complete opposite of Buddy. He hates Baby and is his primary antagonist in the film. He is volatile and suspicious of everyone. Foxx is funny as always; but he gets to display a bad side of him I never seen before out of him.

The soundtrack for this film is great; a mix of 70’s punk and R & B. There are popular songs in the film; but there are obscure songs such as BRIGHTON SONG by Queen, which is use to perfection in a chase thru a parking garage. They also EASY by the commodores great.

The car chase in this film is a combination of the old and the new. I feel like Wright found the middle ground between fast and the furious and drive. You get both the fancy style of driving and the stealth driving of escaping the police. All this car stunts were done practical; so everything that you see here happen while shooting the film.

I knew this film was going to be good; but this ended up being a masterpiece. Baby driver is one of the must see film of this year. I just hope that the public does not missed it.


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