A film from David Leitch one half of the directors of the first John Wick film. A spy story taking place in 1989 Berlin during the last days of the wall. MI6 spy Lorraine Wallace (Charlize Theron) being send to Berlin to retrieve a list which contains the information of all the MI6 and CIA undercover spies in Europe. She has to rendezvous with another MI6 agent David Percival (James McAvoy), he is an agent protecting a KGB defector that has this information inside his head. Now they must get the defector out of East Berlin.


I first want to highlight the positive things about the film: As expected from one of the directors of John Wick; the fight scenes in the movie are amazing. This fights are brutal; every object nail down or not are use against another human being. You sense the pain characters are feeling in this fights. The other positive thing is the look of 80s divided Germany, it has a great neon look.


The negatives of Atomic Blonde its poor and generic plot. They are using the tired plot of the list with all the spies information is quite played out. I see in a lot of spy films and most of them lately.


The other problem is its 80’s soundtrack. I should not have watched this film after seeing Baby Driver; which has an amazing soundtrack. In the other hand this soundtrack fell like they were putting a lot of random 80’s pop hits. This soundtrack felt like one those Totally 80s soundtrack compilation you find in the bargain bin. You have heard this songs a thousand of times and their not bad; their great songs in fact. The problem their not use in a clever way and you don’t find a rare song in this soundtrack. Baby Driver uses Queen’s Brighton Song for an action scene and Atomic Blonde uses Under Pressure for an action scene; this shows you the difference between the 2 films.

Atomic Blonde is an ok film; not one in you should seek out at the theater; it’s better until you can see it at home.



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