The top 10 SXSW films




Baby Driver


The new film from Edgar Wright is incredible. A perfect combination of action and music. This soundtrack will be stuck in your head for days after you watch Baby Driver. An amazing heist film. It shows Edgar Wright has reached a new plateau as a filmmaker. A teen driving prodigy makes money from being the wheelman for bank robbers in Atlanta. Now he wants to leave this profession as he has fallen in love with a waitress. His boss played by Kevin Spacey wants him to do one final job and he will let him go.

Free Fire


Ben Whitley makes a great action film that takes place in one location. An arm deal goes wrong between a gang and weapons dealers and a shootout begins. We get a 25 minute introduction of all the characters and then we move to an hour shootout in an abandoned factory. This film avoids being boring with clever dialogue and great shootout sequences that keep you in suspense.

The Disaster Artist



James Franco adaptation of the book of the same name about the making of one of the worst films ever made; The Room. It’s the funniest film I seen this year so far. Franco gives an academy award winning performance as the excentric Tommy Wiseau. This movie could have easily fallen into a SNL parody; but it actually manages to make Wiseau feel like a human being; which is quite a feat.



My favorite documentary of SXSW. About the murder of a Baylor University basketball player. The death of the student ends up uncovering corruption in the university. It features one of the most despicable villains at the festival, Coach Dave Bliss. There is a scene which I am amaze it made into the documentary; as it shows how horrible is this man.

Small Town Crimes


My surprised film at SXSW; It was made by the director of Cheap Thrills. The lead Howard Hawkes plays a disgraced former cop that discovers the dead body of a young woman. He goes on a mission to discover her identity and the reason for her death. His investigation leads to a lot of acts of hilariousness and violence. At the same time there is a group of assassins that are trying to get rid of all the people connected with this girl. A good mixture of laugh and violence. This film feels like a Verhoeven film.

Most Beautiful Island


A relevant film in the Trump Era. Most Beautiful Island is written, directed and starring Ana Asensio; It shows the trials of an Immigrant trying to survive in New York City with little money and not being familiar with the culture. She goes thru many trials in the big city; living in a roach infested apartment, take crappy job babysitting rich kids, and having to deal with bad roommates. Just as things look bad; it takes an even weird turn and she is hired to take part in a mysterious underground game held by rich elites in an abandoned warehouse. If you want to know what is this game about? You should seek out this film.




The new film from Joe Lynch an underrated filmmaker. His new film is a mixture of the office and the crazies. The film involves a successful office employee (Steven Yeung) that is caught in office politics which has left him burnout.
In this world there is a virus that causes the people it infects to succumb to their innermost desires; whether be something pleasant or violent or both. There is an outbreak of the virus in his office building and the place is quarantine until the virus dissipates in a few hours. There is also a law that states when you are infected by this virus; you won’t be held culpable of your actions while sick. Now he has a few hours to fight back against the evil executives that are trying to finish him.

68 Kill


A trailer park adventure ensues when a septic tank worker crazy girlfriend decides to steal the money of one her rich sugar daddies. His girlfriend decides to not just steal the money; but murder everyone in the vicinity of the robbery.
The guy just wants to escape with the money and doesn’t want to be part of his girlfriend murder spree. He escapes with the money and runs into a weirder group that wants his loot. This people are horrible. Everyone in this film is terrible, with the exception of the lead. It makes their death quite satisfying.

Muppet Guys Talking


A great documentary directed by Frank Oz (the voice of Rover, Miss Piggy and Master Yoda, and many others). He conducts an interview with other muppeteers. They give stories about the characters they played and working with Jim Henson. This is a love letter to all the people that have grown with the muppets. You will be surprised of the amount of characters many of this people play.



A documentary about barbecuing around the world. It shows all the different styles of barbecuing and how it influences it has in their society. Its amazing to see all the different ways to cook meat around the world. I highly recommend you not to watch this film with an empty stomach.


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