Fantastic Fest Short: Dawn Of The Deaf


A short film that played at the short fuse program at Fantastic Fest. This short was like watching a sneak 10 minute preview of a featurefilm. I mean that it doesn’t have an end, the story just stop in a cliffhanger to get your attention and hopefully it can get word on mouth out there to make a feature film. In my opinion, this does deserve a sequel.
The short follows different deaf people around London. We see this deaf people going about their life, having everyday problems, but then a loud noise is heard. Everyone that can hear it is in pain and then falls down to their death. The twist is that all the people that die from this noise comeback as flesh eating zombies. The short ends just as all the deaf people we been following are about to be attacked by the undead.
According to the filmmakers they cast real deaf actors. Their goal is to make a genre film that would connect deaf and hearing audiences. I would be interested in seeing this angle for a zombie film. It raises a lot of questions that I want to see in a feature film or even a series. How are this deaf people going to survive the zombie apocalypse? Who created the loud pulse that kill everyone? Would all this characters meet?
I hope that the filmmakers get the chance to make a feature for this film as this sound like a great concept to take the now stale zombie genre. All the luck to this filmmakers.


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