Fantastic Fest Review: Green Room



Green Room was the movie I was most looking forward to see at Fantastic Fest 2016 and the movie did not disappoint. I am a fan of director Jeremy Saulnier since I watched Murder Party at SXSW years ago.  He constantly amazes me with the different direction his films take. His new film GREEN ROOM reminds me of the late 70s John Carpenter film which the characters are stuck in a siege situation, thick with suspense.

The film is about a broke Punk rock band made up of Pat (Anton Yelchin) the leader of the group, Sam (Joe Cole), Tiger (Callum Hunter). They are completely broke, so desperate, they take a gig at a Neo- Nazi club. They play an incredible show with the most hostile crowd you can imagine. The band makes a mistake when they become witnesses to a murder in the back of the club. Now the neo Nazis want to eliminate them. They barricade themselves in the clubs the Green Room and now have to find a way to make it out of the club. Leading this group white supremacist trying to finish the group is Darcy Banker played by Patrick Stewart in his most villainous role he has ever played in his career. I had a problem trying to distinguish if he had an American accent or not. I guess he has such a well know voice that you can’t tell the different.

The movie really feels like an early John Carpenter movie. It really has this really tough grit, but with characters that feel more realistic. The characters are not bad ass character out of a comic, but feel the way that real people would react in this situation.  The performance of the characters is great you feel the desperation of this group being stuck in such

This is an action thriller that feels like a horror movie. When characters die in this movie, they die really. The movie really knows how to build suspense. It really makes you think nobody is safe in this movie.

Green Room makes me really happy, I love great siege movies. Jeremy Saulniers is a director that never gives me a disappointing movie. His last movie Blue Reign was one of my favorite movies of the year it was released. This is a movie that you have to watch on the big screen.


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