Fantastic Fest 2014 Review: EVERLY

Fantastic Fest 2014

Fantastic Fest 2014

One of the best movies that I watched in Fantastic Fest 2014, it’s a very unique action film. The way in which I would describe this movie is that is if someone turns the 3rd act of the professional into a feature film. Well, let me explain it, the movie is about a woman named Beverly who is high prize prostitute and is also the girlfriend of a yakuza boss. She lives in this apartment on a building which houses high prize prostitute, who is also the girlfriend of the Yakuza Boss. She decides she had enough of this life and wants out. She is willing to reveal all the secrets she knows from the Yakuza to the authorities to escape. The only problem is the Yakuza know about her betrayal and there coming to kill her. Now all that all that stands between her and freedom is an army of Yakuza that are coming to her apartment to take her life.  The thing the bad guys the guys did not counted on is that Everly is one tough lady.

The entire movie takes place in one location which is Everly’s apartment. This makes it feel like watching the most action packed play ever. Selma Hayek in the role Everly gets to play a really tough heroine, but she is not portrayed as a superwoman; but someone that is over her head. You can see vulnerability inside the character, which makes her makes you feel great empathy. The dialogue is filled with great humor and wit, which will keep you highly entertain between the moments of action.  It’s not surprising that this is a great genre bending movie as it was directed by Joe Lynch who made the surprising slasher film Wrong Turn 2.

The way in which the Yakuza attack the apartment remind of the way John Carpenter filmed the gangs in “Assault on Precinct 13th” in which they are filmed as a supernatural entity. The most memorable of the Yakuza members are the duo of The Masochist and The Sadist, they both look like they are right out of a Takashi Miike movie. This duo made me laugh when they were on the screen. I loved it when a film goes a little crazy add on the fun. The sadist look like suave torturer and the sadist is this crazy semi naked glutton for punishment. You might want to also add this movie to your list of movies which take place during Christmas. This gives the movie a Shane Black type vibe.

Everly is a fun action romp that you should watch with as many friends as possible. This movie is truly worthy to be in the list of great Fantastic Fest films.


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