Movie Review: The Taking of Tiger Mountain

 tiger mountain

Tsui Hark continues his run of good movies since making Seven Swords. I love all his latest movies like All about the Women, the 2 Detective Dee’s s movies, and The Flying Swords of Dragon Gate. His new movie Taking of Tiger Mountain is a great action adventure movie with a lot of amazing action sequence. It feels like Spielberg

Taking of Tiger Mountain is an adaptation of famous Peking Opera that was based in a real life event during the Chinese Civil War in the 1940’s. It was one of the few Peking Operas that were allowing during the Cultural Revolution. The 1970 version of this movie is believed to be one of the most watch movies in Chinese History. This movies gives a lot compliments to this version at certain points in this new adaptation.

The new Taking of Tiger Mountain is about a communist force made up of 30 men that have to take back a mountain fortress that is currently under the control of a band of 500 outlaws lead by the bloodthirsty Lord Hawk. The villains are like an assortment of Dick Tracy villains with their make up and over the top behavior. The soldiers can’t assault this place as they are outnumbered by the outlaws who also have a huge cache of weapons. The star of the movie Zhang Hanyu who plays the character of Yang Zirong, he comes up with the plan to infiltrate the gang to get information on the weaknesses of Tiger Mountain. It’s amazing watching Zhang trying to win the trust of the outlaws. He also has one of the best coats in seen in a movie since the thing. He also gets to have this incredible fight on a plane.

Tsui Hark know how to shoot an action scene. If you watch this on 3D your head will be moving trying to dodge all the bullets in this movie. Tsui Hark shows that he is still a master when it comes to shooting action scenes. The snow gives the movie this look of being in an alien landscape. This has the most epic battle scenes Hark has ever filmed. It combines the traditional elements of the Peking Opera with the look of Modern action movies. There are moments in this movie which look inspired by the Indiana Jones movies.

The only setback in this story is they have this wrap around story in which a young Chinese man is traveling from New York to China while reading the diary of this story. I feel it would have been better if this would have been eliminated from the overall story.

The Taking of Tiger Mountain is a fun movie for any fan of action adventures you will love this movie. We haven’t had good men on mission like this one in a long time.


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