Fantastic Fest Review: John Wick

john wick

John Wick is one cool assassin; He has such tough guy reputation, whenever his name is spoken it causes people to make a face of fear. When you hear John Wick is coming for you; this is the signal that you better get your things in order before he finds you.

John Wick plays a retired assassin whose wife has recently passed away.  Just before she passed, she left him a puppy so he wouldn’t be alone. One day while driving run into this Russian tugs that tell him they want to buy his muscle car. John Wick rejects their offer. One this Russian tugs is played by Alfin Allen who is mostly known as Theon Greyjoy from Game of Thrones. The Russian tugs feel humiliated by John’s Rejection of their offer and break into his home attack him, steal his car and the worst thing is they killed his dog. The last thing becomes his motivation to seek revenge on this Russians. Things get worst when one of the criminals is the son of John Wick’s former boss who is the head of a Russian crime family. Now a full war is unleash between John Wick and the Russian mafia.

This movie does not reinvent the action genre, but it does have fun action sequences. These sequences involve a lot of people getting shot in the head. This is without a doubt the best action movie I seen Keanu Reeves since the matrix. There is some great hand to hand fighting which will make you go whoa!!! The fight scenes are not pretty, but their very gritty and violent.  The movie also features this great ideas like a hotel of assassins that is holy ground were assassin are not allowed to kill each other or face the consequences. I love that the motivation for John Wick is that someone kill his dog; something I never seen in revenge before; but if you think about it we treat our pets as a member of our family.

If you want to watch a really fun action movie, then you should go watch John Wick.


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