Fantastic Fest Survival Tips

Fantastic Fest is nearly upon us and here are a few things I learned in my years of attending the festival.

If you have a Super Fan badge, it make things very easy around the festival as you can get into any screening of your choice. Even the secret screenings.

Now if you have Fan Badge don’t worry as you might not get your first choice in movies, but don’t worry your second choice might be even better than your first choice movie. It’s being my experiences in the festival that the biggest surprises come from movies that people are not expecting to delight them.

Don’t fill up on Alamo Drafthouse food, it will make you drowsy and you don’t want to fall at sleep while watching these great movies. You want to keep your meals very light with a salad. You can also bring small snacks to eat in between shows. Things like fruits or one of those energy shakes. They fill you up and give you a great boost of energy.

There a lot of celebrities walking around the premises during the festival. Don’t make things awkward by hounding or asking them for an autograph. The regular like to keep things respectful by not bothering them during the festival.

Wear comfortable shoes as they you feel really good during those times that you are watching movie

Wear comfortable clothes. Don’t forget to bring a hoody, in some of the theaters it can a little too cold. You don’t want to be trembling from the cold during the screenings.

Finally the most important thing at Fantastic Fest is to be social. You will discover film lover from all over the country and the world. You could end up meeting some of your best friends ever.


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